My favorite internet game: BLM adoption photos!

I am not really one for window shopping horses online. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve browsed Dreamhorse. I occasionally look at listings for Lippitt Morgans and just shake my head. I don’t even really look at flyer at the local farm stores.

I do make one giant exception: the BLM Wild Horse & Burro Online Adoption galleries.

Mustangs, you guys. Even though I stumbled into them, apparently they have a giant hold on my heart.

So here’s my favorite game: who would you take home?

Here’s the online gallery to browse through. Comment with the number of and/or link to your picks!

Right now, I’m loving #5641

And I am head over heels for #5696.

22 thoughts on “My favorite internet game: BLM adoption photos!

  1. Um…0888, 2422, 3466… I've got a thing for the grays and the blacks that are super stout and look like they'd take up the leg well. 4089 has a flashy trot. 3979 is gorgeous. …All. I want them all.


  2. Some do, some most definitely don't. Often in these auctions you see a lot of examples of one particular type, because they've been gathered from a specific region that trends that way. Last year there was a gather & auction from Tristan's area and they were all taller, longer-legged, and longer-backed. Tristan is if anything a bit too long-backed.


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