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Product Review: SSG 10 Below Riding Gloves

As I have mentioned, this is going to be my winter of figuring out my cold weather riding glove problem.

Whenever I Googled or asked around about riding gloves, the SSG 10 Below gloves came up. They’re the warmest things you can ride in! people said. They’re the only thing I’ll wear in the winter! people said.

Those people must not live in Vermont. Or actually ride in the actual winter. Or…I don’t know…use their fingers when they ride. Or their hands. Or their wrists.

But let me start at the beginning.

These gloves retail for $43.95, and I bought them from Riding Warehouse for $26.36. Which puts them among the most expensive riding gloves I have ever purchased. (Hi, have you met me? I’m cheap.)

As soon as I put them on, my heart sank. These gloves are huge. They give bulky a bad name. They are so thick I felt like each individual finger had tripled in size. They were so thick I could not really wiggle my fingers, let alone flex them.

Making a fist required actual exertion.

Holding the reins with them was an exercise in frustration. Not only could I not really feel the reins, I couldn’t get a good tight grip, either. The reins kept slipping out from my fingers, and I couldn’t tell it was slipping, and forget when Tristan tried to yank the reins out from my hands. When he coughed they fell out of my hands.

sorry someone was in a zippy mood and would not stand still for photography

Oh, and what’s more: they’re not warm. My fingers were cold and numb during the warmup until my actual body warmed up and then blood flow got to my fingers. Which, for those of you following along at home, is exactly what happened with the other SSG gloves I bought this year for 1/3 the price.

the below-mentioned elastic strap in action

I will give them this: they are well-made. The stitching is tight, the fabric is tough, and it’s got sticky stuff (like sprayed on neoprene or something?) in the right place. It does have a particularly clever design in which there are elastics inside the cuff that you attach before you put on the gloves, so you can pull off your glove but not lose it. Which is good, because there was no fucking way I was doing any buckles while wearing these gloves. Or even reaching into my coat pocket. Or…well, you get the idea.

In summary: seriously, whose hands do these gloves fit?!

14 thoughts on “Product Review: SSG 10 Below Riding Gloves

  1. No, I've never owned a pair of either brand. I bought a couple of options as my first pass and am getting ready to do a second pass of purchasing – any thoughts on which ones I should specifically try?


  2. I received those as a gift, and wanted to love them…but I hate them. Not good for riding or even working in the barn. I am still searching for warm winter riding gloves!


  3. I have a pair of these and I have to admit that I love them for barn chores/grooming. I can't imagine riding in them, though! They're so bulky. I also live in Oklahoma, where it rarely dips below 40ish. πŸ˜›


  4. I have used the SSGG 10 belows for a couple of years, and they are my “IT's flipping cold and i can barely use my fingers anyway!” option. They are not exactly super functional but I have found them fairly warm (though I sized up, and that made a difference I think).

    I cried at the cost of my ROeckls, the weldons, but they are seriously the best warmth to comfort and rein feel ratio i have found — probably warm enough in the indoor to 10F or so outside. I've ridden outside in them to 20F quite comfortably. Below that I get chilly. BUT you will have to sell your unwanted firstborn to afford them.


  5. I have to step in and defend my favorite winter riding gloves πŸ˜› I ride outside in -20 in these gloves and my hands stay toasty. That said I'm trail riding so I'm not doing much besides walking around. I actually wish they would make a mitten version (with the pinkie out) because I bet I could ride outside in even colder weather. I have weird shaped giant hands with long fingers and they fit me perfectly…but since most things don't fit me properly I'm not surprised others have trouble!


  6. I never had any luck with winter gloves. The only thing that has worked for me is the UA 4.0 top. The thumbhole sleeves cover part of my palm and the heat transfers to my fingers. I just use regular gloves now!


  7. I have a pair of these and they're…ok. Like you mentioned they're warm enough once your blood is pumping, but my fingers do get really cold in them if my hands aren't moving around anyway. I mainly use them for barn chores are trail rides, but even on trail rides my fingers freeze if we stay at the walk too long. I never wear these if I'm going to ride “for real” though, because definitely too bulky!

    Funnily enough, my husband loves these gloves and kept stealing these at the beginning of the winter when they were hanging out at the house. When I finally took them back to the barn he was like, “where did those big horse gloves go?” He has big man hands, so maybe there's the answer about who they fit lol!

    Like you, I still have yet to find the perfect winter glove! I'm pretty happy with the ssg soft touch winter riding glove though…they actually did a good job of keeping my hands warm in the indoor last year and are definitely not too bulky. I actually liked the feel of them so much that I kept wearing the into the spring and summer and then sweated in them so much I totally destroyed them :/ I've been hoping to find some on sale but no luck so far


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