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Weekly Blog Post Roundup

A selection of posts from the equestrian blogosphere this week.

Fitbit for horseback riding: fun facts and figures from Saddle Seeks Horse

I’ve thought on and off about getting a Fitbit, trendy as they are, but have always come down against. This is a useful horse-specific review.

Social media and your horse from Poor Woman Showing
I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, actually. How does the performative nature of blogging change your riding and horsemanship? Does it?

What Do Wednesday: Winter Riding from Chasing the Dream
It’s that time of year for posts about riding in the winter. This is a nicely written and thoughtful overview of one rider’s tactics.

Why we longe from Horse Collaborative
Ok, ok, this isn’t really a blog post, but it is phenomenal. Read this if you longe your horse. I’m serious.

Real talk: Our 2015 show season in dollars from ‘Fraidy Cat Eventing
Great overview, and an interesting addition to some other posts that have been floating around lately.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Blog Post Roundup

  1. I have never understood longeing to tire a horse out, or the people who don't longe because they're worried it would fit them up too much. Doing it wrong!


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