Weekly Blog Roundup

Third Annual Deck the Bobby Christmas Pictures from Poor Woman Showing
ahahahahaha. awesome.

Mr. Moose Baby Goes to a George Morris Clinic, Part One & Part Two from Viva Carlos
Great insights & a very cool experience.

Kenai’s Rehab: Complete from In Omnia Paratus
Not horse-related but still fascinating and really cool.

When Disappointment Translates Into Anxiety from No Longer Fiction
An all too common situation, written about honestly and bravely.

The Things I Didn’t Like Enough to Review from The $900 Facebook Pony
This is interesting to read and is actually I think kind of important in a blogging world in which all of our reviews tend to be positive (or why would we want to go to the effort of reviewing them?).

How 2015 Has Changed My Blog…and What’s to Come in 2016 from The Maggie Memoirs

DIY: How to Make DIY Peppermint Treats from DIY Horse Ownership
These look great. I’ve tried horse treats in the past but never been happy with how they’ve turned out.

Pony Club from A Enter Spooking
I was a DC for a few years, and have judged many Pony Club events since then. I love it, but it is not without its flaws. This post does a really nice job of laying everything out.

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