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News update: Vermont still the best state

I am a little lacking in words, so here, have our most recent trail ride, possibly our last with any kind of fall foliage, because it has rained on and off all week and the high on Sunday will be thirty nine degrees.

Anyone who has complained about how hot it is out west/down south/places that are not New England: I say this lovingly, but you can bite me.

5 thoughts on “News update: Vermont still the best state

  1. So jealous of your colors. Almost all our leaves blew off the trees before they ever had a chance to turn. And, yeah. Fuck everyone complaining about heat. I'm bringing my first batch of winter blankets to the barn tomorrow to prepare for the weekend's low-30s weather. Suuuuuck ittttt.


  2. Monday it was 100 degrees, yesterday was 95, today was suppose to be 90 ;). (Northern ca valley). Have to admit that I'm hiding out in the house knowing that tomorrow will be 80s and Saturday will actually be in the 70s (much more seasonal…..). That being said at least unlike the summer it's acting like fall in the evenings and I can sleep under a light blanket!!! So I'm not complaining 🙂


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