Lump Progression

WARNING: some of these photos will be a little graphic, in the horse injury/treatment sense. Not bad – but if you are easily squicked, this is not the blog post for you.

Commence leaving some space as a buffer…
Discovery of the lump.

Biopsy, chemo beads inserted, suturing.

2 days later

 Last night, almost 2 weeks out.

Changes: definitely smaller. Developing a scab-like appearance, with separation of skin at the edges. Very sensitive – he would not tolerate even a touch of my fingers or the placement of a gauze pad in order to re wrap. It took some doing to get it covered up again. Sutures are holding just fine, no indication of index ion/drainage/irritation at the stitches.
I sent the vet the pictures. She was happy with them. We keep watching and waiting. If the wrap comes off again, he can leave it off as long as he does not try to rub. At this point, the skin had healed together but is stil new.

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