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Happy September?

A friend from high school posted this on Facebook today. She is very excited about her wedding, I guess.
I am kind of having the opposite problem. I am excited about my wedding in a mild, well, it should be a nice day and I am looking forward to being married, kind of way. But I want very badly to care about and do SO MANY OTHER THINGS, but wedding panic is creeping in and derailing me.

Anyway. Tristan seems happy and content and comfortable after his tail biopsy. After an initial scare on Friday night when the wrap slipped down, I carefully applied a slightly more snug elastikon wrap, and that has stayed in place since then. I’m checking twice a day to make sure, but all is progressing well. He’s decided to be a shit about his antibiotics, but that was predictable, so he is back on the applesauce + syringe method.

13 TMS tabs, twice a day. I couldn’t find any other containers to mix them in, so Smartpak wells it was. Mixed success. Only one more day, anyway.
Since he seemed otherwise fine, I jumped on last night for just a short hack. Now that his heel has scabbed over nicely, and he is in no distress from his tail, I hope to get out more regularly, especially as a sanity preservative ahead of the wedding.

7 thoughts on “Happy September?

  1. I literally JUST yesterday realized that empty Smartpaks work really well for mixing meds! Great minds? Lol. Glad Tristan is healing up and that you have a way to preserve sanity! It'll all be past before you know it!


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