blog roundup

Weekly Blog Roundup

Here are some great blog posts from the horse world of the past week.

Blogger TPR Challenge from Cob Jockey
I LOVE THIS. It hits all my Pony Club buttons. Check out this post, and get ready to compete in the challenge. TPR stands for temperature, pulse, and respiration, and make sure to check out all the other recent posts explaining how to check each one.

The Leather Doesn’t Lie from Behind the Bit
Heh. Yeah. Raise your hand if you don’t rotate your stirrup leathers as often as you should…

Change or Move On from Confessions of an Adult Amateur
Suzanne has dealt with so many challenges with such grace. This is a good thoughtful read, well worth the time and reflection.

Lost Reich Chancellery Horses Found in Warehouse from The History Blog
Aaaaaaaah this is so cool. The horses in question are bronze statues commissioned by Hitler, and presumed lost since the end of World War II. Enter smuggling, subterfuge, and eventually, the good guys.

Riding Mentality from A Gift Horse
Considering your own mental state before you get on your horse is crucial, especially for us amateurs who are so emotionally invested in our own horses.

The Characteristics of a Ride and Tie Horse from Boots and Saddles
This made me laugh really hard.

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