blog roundup

Weekly Blog Roundup

Here are some posts from the wide world of horse blogging!

Non-Judgment Day from Confessions of an AA Eventer
What a horrible, horrible winter. Suzanne’s barn lost their indoor, and this was posted on a day when another barn in MA lost their indoor. I know the people at the second barn, and in fact nearly boarded Tristan with them a few years ago. This winter fucking sucks.

The Many Sleeps of Harley from Dandyism
omfg, cute overload.

Cute Overload from No Hour Wasted
omfg, part 2.

My Favorite Mug from Pony’tude
I love this story! Such a nice IHSA memory. I’m a sucker for good IHSA stories.

3 Winter Items I Wear from Work to the Barn from The Maggie Memoirs
I admit, I work really hard to keep my barn clothes separate from everything else in my life, and most especially my winter clothes. There’s nothing like a barn to ruin a piece of clothing, and I am protective of my work wardrobe. Separate coats, boots, the whole nine yards. But I love the look of everything highlighted in this post!

Twelve Money-Saving Strategies My Family Uses from The Simple Dollar
I use all of these strategies on a regular basis, except maybe the haggling over soon-to-expire items. (I hunt the clearance and day-old racks instead.) I spend $50 per week on groceries for two people. It’s a major part of how I’m able to keep overall household expenses affordable.

Breed Showing Encyclopedia Part One from Hey Hey Holly
Thorough, comprehensive, and fascinating overview of AQHA and APHA hunter showing, about which I knew precisely nothing beforehand. Great read & well-illustrated.

A Review: Complete Printable Horse Binder from Wilbur, Ellie, and Emily
LOVE this idea for a product, and this is a great overview.

Exercise vs. Turnout from Equinpilot
I really like this. I wish Tris were on 24/7 turnout, but it’s just not possible for him right now for a variety of reasons. Honestly, if I were ever to move him, as much as I love my current barn, it would be to somewhere with more turnout. Seeing the data laid out like that is really compelling.

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