Weekend Plans

First, in good news: puppy has finally pooped. Hooray! Nothing like sick animals and baby humans to make you track and celebrate poop. She seems to finally be fully on the mend.

I am a little stumped right now, to be honest – I have lots of things going on in my life, but so few of them are horsey. My interaction with my horse lately has been primarily to kiss him on the nose, check his blankets, and heat up his bucket. It’s too cold for both of us to pull his blankets and groom – I get stabbing pain in my fingers, even through gloves, after just a few minutes. So, nope.

I am reading. Crocheting. Watching waaaaaaaay too much HGTV, like to the point where the other day I thought positively about the turquoise paisley wallpaper one particular person had chosen for one room of her guest bedroom remodel. WTF, NO.

I have hit some kind of wall and had the fiance drag the stationary bike out of storage, and am committed to working on that for a while every night when I am not riding. I am not an exercise person; I tend to be a move-quickly type of person in my daily life, but ain’t nothin’ movin’ right now.

On the plus side, it might be 30 degrees on Sunday, which would be amaaaaaazing. I am supposed to be in the next state over meeting friends on that day, but it’s a 7 hour round trip drive for ~6 hours of interaction, and it would mean giving up literally the one day in the last two months when it has a chance of getting above freezing. (I am not exaggerating. Weather stations are starting to rank us in top 10 lists in terms of consistently coldest winters.)

I’m trying to kick some life into my Figuring History blog, and have made some small headway recently. So, follow that if you want Morgan horse history.

Anyone else have exciting weekend plans I can live through vicariously?

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