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FOO Blog Hop: A Day in the Life

Thanks to Tracy from Fly On Over for what’s become a really fun little blog hop to read and think about. I thought I’d give it a try.

One of the good and bad things about my job is that it changes practically every single day, so there’s really no “typical” day. I’ll try to aim for an average day. We’ll also assume this is a riding day, and not a day where every 15 minutes from 1pm onward I check the temperatures and sulk.

So, here we go!

7:00 am – alarm goes off; I roll over as best I can around the dog, who has probably returned from her morning walk to settle between my legs with her head on my stomach. Check email, check work social media accounts.

7:20 am – shower

7:35 am – what the hell am I going to wear today? ugh.

7:45 am – breakfast and a cup of tea and a few minutes of reading

8:10 am – how on earth is the living room so cluttered and what will the puppy destroy today? Just to be safe, better tidy up everything, ever. Typical setup also includes locking the cat upstairs (they get along fine, but the puppy loooooooves the litter box), locking the trash in the bathroom, locking the bedroom door.

8:20 am – leave to walk to work

8:30 am – arrive at work, start sorting through more email, check to-do list for the day. On a perfect day, I’ve written it the night before.

11:30 am – lead a school tour

12:45 pm – lunch, maybe, if I’m lucky, while sorting through what’s happened while I was on a school tour. On a really good day, I read during lunch.

1:30 pm – cover the front desk

2:30 pm – put out fires

4:30 pm – leave work and walk home

4:45 pm – arrive home, let puppy out, walk her around the block. On a sunny day, take her down to the ball field to run like a lunatic for 30 minutes; on a day below zero, a quick trip around the backyard for her business

5:00 pm – change & leave for the barn

5:30 pm – arrive at the barn, tack up if I’m feeling really motivated

5:45 pm – ride! or longe, some nights.

6:45 pm – get off, toss on a cooler or straight to a blanket, tidy up his things; in winter, heat some water to add to his bucket

7:00 pm – head home, usually stopping somewhere on the way for a quick errand; figure out dinner on the way

7:45 pm – arrive home, change, start making dinner, tidy kitchen and clean up any dishes from breakfast or soaking dishes from the night before while it’s cooking

8:30 pm – sit down with fiance to eat dinner, usually while watching TV of some description

9:30 pm – take puppy out one last time

9:45 pm – in bed to read for another ~45 minutes, or as long as I can before passing out; some nights it’s until midnight

I admit, I’m envious of those of you who can get up early and get to the barn. I have tried many variations over the years, and find it nearly physically impossible to get up earlier than 6:30 am. I’d always rather eat dinner at 9 pm than wake up that early. Just. Can’t.

One thought on “FOO Blog Hop: A Day in the Life

  1. yea the 'getting up early to do stuff before work' bit never worked for me either — it just meant that whatever i intended to do during that time simply didn't get done!!


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