Horses & Weddings

Okay, I know I promised I wouldn’t talk wedding planning here, but…well…

So in lieu of complaining!

The wedding date is set for September 2015. We have a venue, rental company (tables, chairs, tablecloths, tents, stage, silverware, glasses), caterer (SO EXCITE), photographer, florist (ugh hands down my least favorite vendor but oh well), theme, and a bunch of little touches. Like, everyone is very concerned that we have something catchy or clever or pretty to hold the cards on the gift table? Seriously? Anyway: my aunt is super-crafty and is making a large baskety thing out of found rope from the beach. Done and done.

When we announced the wedding, after “when is it?” the number one question was “oooooh, are you going to have your horse there?”

No. No, I am not. As my mother pointed out, there will only be three people at the wedding I would trust with him: my mother, Hannah, and me. And all of us will be busy. Also, I have no particular desire to haul him 5 hours to be there and then spend the rest of the time boarded somewhere strange and all of it would just add to both of our anxious qualities and also so far this wedding is not that horsey.

But obviously horses are crucially important to me. So I’d like to find some subtle, classy ways to integrate horsey stuff into the wedding itself. PLEASE HELP, INTERNETS!

For reference, if we have a general theme, it’s Art Deco. As in, here’s what our save the dates look like, sans identifying info, obviously.

So, with that in mind, to Pinterest!

Meh. I don’t strongly dislike it, but it’s much more barn/country than we’re aiming for.
I kind of like it, but that is waaaaaaay more effort and time than I am willing to put in for something we’ll just throw away right afterwards.
Ah, the good old-fashioned theme of “the groom should grovel before me.” Why, people. Why.
Now we’re getting warmer! With an Art Deco font, maybe?
I kind of like the style, but this is a garter. Eep.
Of the many (many, MANY) horseshoe-themed craft ideas, I like this one best so far.
So, help? Any ideas? I’m open to a subtle equestrian touch in nearly any area of the wedding. I’m not in love with the horseshoes…but they are so easy to craft with. Then again, I also don’t particularly want to craft. Or think hard about this at all. I am developing a particular aversion to wedding planning, actually.
So with those very helpful guidelines: any suggestions appreciated!

7 thoughts on “Horses & Weddings

  1. I don't know if this is something you'd be interested in at all but have you heard of string art? I tried it (made a horse head and a trotting horse) and it was so super easy to make and you can make any shape and redo it as many times as you want till it looks how you like! I don't know any way you can incorporate it but it's something easy (kind of)…


  2. So, when two friends of of mine got married, they had a pile of books in the middle of every table at the reception. We all had a blast reading from them/looking through them. Maybe go to the local dollar bookstore and pick up horse books?

    At my tables, I had the tables arranged by horse breed, instead of number. I framed the table names with horse shoes, and put info about my or my husband's history with the breed. Stories like the first ride we went on, or my childhood pony, or the time my husband and I fell off my mare while riding bareback. People really enjoyed them!


  3. I got nuthin – leave the wedding foolishness to people who want to do things, and get in and out with as little stress as possible?

    Except – I made the cake topper because I am clever with fimo and had a Plan, and the plan was a pair of otters, one with a rose.

    OK – If you want a horse and NO grovelling on top of your cake, talk to me and I can build something. Because I am just CLEVER that way!


  4. The struggle to find non-kitschy horse decorations is REAL!

    What about trophies? Not the big, expensive and hard to find trophy cups, but horse show trophies? Some people don't value the things much (those people are crazy)- someone once donated a giant box of them to the therapeutic riding center where I worked. You could order new plates for them with your names and wedding date or something and pop off the old ones and affix the new ones.

    Other than having live horses at the wedding, we're just streaming the Derby and not having a lot of other horsey items!


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