Repost: Horse Christmas Ornaments

I was reminded by Lauren’s post about her horsey Christmas ornaments to repost something I shared last year – a few photos of my favorite horse Christmas ornaments.


Our Christmas tree has four main themes: geeky (Back to the Future, Star Trek, Doctor Who), Swedish (tre kronor, “God Jul,” flags, Dala horses), Boston sports (Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins, and the infamous Rene Rancournament) and…equestrian.

Here are some of my favorite equestrian ornaments, from a collection built over the last few years.

One of my favorites, from Maple Landmark Woodcraft in my college town.
A gift from my aunt and uncle.
My newest, an instant favorite. I bought it at The Breakers while at a work conference.
Do you have any horse-themed ornaments or holiday decorations? What are they?

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