Why is it that as soon as you put yourself on a no-spending budget, you find things to covet?

It is snowing sideways in whiteout conditions outside, and I can’t stop sighing over these boots for barn chores.

I don’t even have any plans to do barn chores this winter, AND I have some perfectly good winter stomping boots, both for home and the barn.
Some girls want jewelry, some girls want fleece-lined stomping boots for the barn.
Also on the covet list: Carhart coveralls. Yes, you heard me. 
Doesn’t she look warm? and competent? and warm?
I love Vermont, I love Vermont, I love Vermont…

3 thoughts on “Covet

  1. yep i kinda love those boots too… after thinking long and hard about whether i needed new winter barn boots or real life boots, i got real life bc my wellies have been good for the barn. except – oh wait, no, cats chewed a hole in them and they are no longer waterproof. damn… lol


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