Do you shop in barn clothes?

Inspired by this recent cartoon from The Idea of Order:

I have to ask: do you go grocery shopping in your barn clothes?
I honestly can’t remember the last time I went grocery shopping in normal clothes. The only place I drive is to the barn, so if I have my car out and about, I’m almost certainly wearing breeches. It doesn’t make sense to go grocery shopping before the barn, so I go afterwards. I am totally oblivious to the weird looks at this point.
I mean, if I’m totally covered in mud/manure/hay, I will give the store a pass, but if I’m otherwise pretty neat and clean? No question, I’m there.

11 thoughts on “Do you shop in barn clothes?

  1. Hahahaha. YES. I also go in my climbing clothes and ski clothes. And for all of them I get stared at oddly and I often have the realization about how much $$$$$ I'm wearing and yet I'm so dirty and/or ridiculous.


  2. I went to a college with its own ski mountain, and it was 100% normal for people to show up for class still wearing ski boots in the middle of the winter. Not uncommon for people to cut the timing a little too close on that last run of the day!


  3. Oh God yes. I don't care if I'm dirty either, I just go. And in MD the wine & beer stores are separate from the grocery stores…so if I want to pick up something to go with dinner, I totally walk into the ritzy wine store with muddy riding pants and poopy boots. I have no shame. Lol I technically live in the city, but there is so much country less than 30 min away that I don't get any weird looks, which I always find surprising! πŸ˜€


  4. OMG YES. I go to the grocery store in barn clothes (aka breeches AND tall boots), I go to AT&T in barn clothes, I go to the mall in barn clothes, and I've been known to rock barn clothes at a Happy Hour as well. Ain't no thang πŸ˜‰


  5. I give myself mad props for not shopping in my riding clothes if I've been bareback, because the weirdly shaped dust/grime/shed hair patch on my ass is not something I want to flaunt. However, i cheerfully shop in barn clothes, post-Y exercise clothes, and any other thing that covers my nekkid. Time is short, life moves too fast, no one else actually cares. Except my mom.


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