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Product Review: Devon-Aire Fleece Full Seat Winter Breeches

As we approach true winter riding season, I’ll review a few of my favorite winter riding products.
$64.99 at Dover Saddlery
It’s that time of year again, when I don’t leave for the barn without layer upon layer upon layer. I’ve got the top layers figured out. I’ve got my feet figured out. A few years ago, after experimentation with different winter breeches, I settled on my favorites.
Many winter breeches have the tendency to be so thick that they practically stand up on their own, and create that horrible “diaper butt” feeling. I had a pair of Tuff Riders that were just awful. I felt like I was waddling when I wore them.
These Devon-Aires are by far the best combination of warmth, flexibility, and durability that I’ve found. They’re a relatively thin fleece but do a decent job of providing warmth, and I’m easily able to fit Smartwool tights underneath them when I need to (usually for temperatures in the teens). The full seat is good roughed leather and surprisingly stick-able. They’re decent but not great in the wind – if I’m riding outside I’ll probably go for lined jeans. They are very good for schooling in the indoor, though.
The only thing I’m not thrilled about is how sensitive the outer fabric is to every little bit of hay that comes its way. It snags on ev-er-y-thing. 99% of the time, that’s not a problem, but over the years there have been enough snags that mean the outer surface has quite a bit of rough threads. They still work just fine though!
Reading the summary on the Dover website, I see that they’ve tried to address that problem in the new design – which may explain why I picked up a pair in the old design for $20 last summer!

Do you have a favorite pair of winter breeches?

6 thoughts on “Product Review: Devon-Aire Fleece Full Seat Winter Breeches

  1. I usually make the switch as soon as it gets down into the 30s at riding time, and then don't switch back until the spring. I've been riding in mine for a week or two now. I definitely sometimes just wear them around the house after riding until bed…


  2. excellent timing! i'm shopping for a pair, or six, and definitely need recommendations. i've never had to consider winter breeches before, and never thought i would in central texas. what the eff!?!


  3. awesome! i love love love my kerrits winter tights, but only have one pair and suspect that i'm going to need to bolster the collection this year and would rather not spend a ton…


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