If you are a horse-lover who is interested in seeing "Fury" —

Say you decide to take your WW2-loving fiance out to see Fury for a date night movie.

Please be aware that this is not a horse-friendly movie. You will think all has passed when the opening scene features a horse who is treated well. It will not have passed. 3/4 of the way through is a horrible story about horses used to illustrate the barbarity of war.

Plus, it’s an unsettling, disturbing, graphically violent movie – even more so, perhaps, than your typical WW2 action movie. Saving Private Ryan had more heart, but Fury has far more wanton cruelty, battle stress, and gore.

Consider yourself warned!

9 thoughts on “If you are a horse-lover who is interested in seeing "Fury" —

  1. I actually think it was a pretty good movie, if narratively uneven. The tank battle was awesome. We are a household of military historians, so it was always going to be on our list.

    It's just that I personally always appreciate a heads up of difficult horse stuff in movies, and that scene in the apartment with the story was really squicky for me.


  2. A little, yeah, though this was just a story about terrible things, and you didn't see any terrible things happen to horses, thankfully. “War Horse” was much harder to watch.


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