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Clipping Tristan: Decision Time

Okay, you all convinced me. I’ll give Tristan a bib clip (neck + chest) next Monday, when I have the most time and daylight hours.

Last night, he was warm and puffing after just 25 minutes of walk and trot work, some canter. Not okay.

I have really, really basic clippers. They do the job for a bridle path and for cleaning up his fetlocks, but I guess I’ll find out if they will do anything more than that.

They’re not exactly these clippers, but pretty close. The package says they are for trimming ears and doing whiskers. (I have zero intention of ever doing Tristan’s ears or whiskers. I like his head natural, and also, he’d kill me.)

There will be pictures. Pray for us both.

3 thoughts on “Clipping Tristan: Decision Time

  1. I clipped with those clippers last year and they did the job ok. I did need to take some breaks to let them cool and needed to take more care it making things look nice then the bigger clippers, but they did the job fine! I did a bib + kinda trace over shoulders because that is where he sweats the most. And I got it done with not the sharpest blades on not the cleanest horse, who was not really that good about it at the time, in about 2 hours, including breaks.


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