adventures with the vet · endomondo

Never ever dull

When I stopped at the barn to check on Tristan last night, the barn manager checked in with me and said she’s more worried about the scab on his cheek than I am – she pointed out that if he’s gotten a burdock stem or something in there it won’t heal. She made a good point, so I agreed to meet her first thing the following morning to scrub it down, pull the scab off, and take a good close look.

I put the puppy in the car, slathered Tris’s cheek with Corona, and then returned to find the puppy had freaked out and puked over every inch of the driver’s side of my shiny new car. Every. Goddamn. Inch. Cue 45 minutes of shampooing, scrubbing, and vacuuming.
So here I am this morning, waiting for the barn manager. I’ve got a bucket of hot water + betadine, gauze, and Alushield. Just waiting and futzing around online.
Oh, and I realized I never shared the Endomondo record of the ride on Sunday. So here you go. Will report back this afternoon on my idiot horse.

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