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Now, That’s the Spot Blog Hop: What Do You Do Outside of Horses?

From Now That’s the Spot:

What other activities, hobbies, or sports do you do outside of riding?

I have to say, I have been reading everyone else’s answers to this and feeling boring and lazy, but here we go!
1. Reading
Lots and lots and lots of books. 2-3 books a week in a good week, for work and for pleasure both. I tend toward high fantasy, science fiction, and nonfiction. I have little to no tolerance for the sort of everyday drama that usually wins literature prizes, but I do read them from time to time, usually for book club. I’m in two different book clubs.
2. Crocheting

My grandmother taught me to crochet one Christmas. I was about eight years old. I crocheted furiously for a few years, little kid stuff, and then I left off. I picked it up again when I went to college in Vermont, and it was cold all the time and trendy to do yarn work. Most everyone else knitted, but I crocheted because that was what women in my family did. I’ve been going since then. Usually I do blankets for friends, and lately it seems I’ve done nothing but baby blankets.
3. Baking

Another hobby from my grandmother. Any and all kinds of baked things. I go through flour in 25lb bags, minimum, and can use 10lbs of flour in one day when I really get going. I bake all the bread we eat, and it comes in handy whenever I need a gift or to provide something for work. I usually bake 3-5 different things a week, usually some kind of bread or muffin to accompany dinner.
Those are the three big ones – see how boring? We also hike, watch movies, and I research side projects. I work a LOT, so that impacts my free time. No real other sports hobbies beyond walking the dog.

8 thoughts on “Now, That’s the Spot Blog Hop: What Do You Do Outside of Horses?

  1. See, it's exactly the opposite for me. Baking I like because it's longer and I can set it and walk away for a while. Cooking is frustrating for me because I have to focus on it all the time and do fiddly things to it! I am an uninspired cook. Our dinners are usually pretty repetitive.


  2. I ruined a LOT of flour and yeast before I got the knack of it. A LOT. And I still stink at hand-kneading. I always use my KitchenAid with the kneading attachment, or go for no-knead breads. I had a particular knack for killing yeast with over-kneading or too-hot water and turned out loaf after loaf of inedible hardtack.

    I found both book clubs through local postings. I didn't know anyone in them at all going in, but now am quite friendly with some of the members. It worked out really well.


  3. very nice hobbies – and i'm kinda jealous lol, as i lack some of the basic 'feed yourself and guard against the elements' skills. that bread looks divine!


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