road hacking

Sunday Hack

Quiet-ish hack on Sunday, snuck in between rain showers.

Love this field.

Summer working students on ponies, plus dog.

I…have no idea what exactly all that is. Tris was confused too.

You know you’re an eventer when! So much stuff.

Dipping my toe into the half chap world. I’ve never worn them consistently before.

Fall is coming.

The redheads.

6 thoughts on “Sunday Hack

  1. “All that” looks awfully familiar with our 'homeless folks stuff' out here.
    Genuinely curious – what is the “so much stuff” you're counting? It looks awfully normal to me, but then I'm in a bit of a weird world as it is. What do normal folks use?!


  2. Honestly I think the last pair I owned just sucked, I hated riding in them. These were a gift and I'm really liking them quite a bit more. I'm kind of curious, now, maybe I'll do a poll!


  3. The barn is pretty far into the country, on several miles of dirt roads – if you were homeless out there you'd have some serious problems. I suspect someone just tossed it out their truck on the drive by.

    I tend to be minimalist, so usually just a saddle pad and bridle, not the pad + sheepskin + breastplate + rubber reins, but it's been working for him lately.


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