The Avanti Project: Boosting the Signal

I’m not always game for random fundraising campaigns – I work in nonprofits, I know way too much about fundraising – but I like this one. It’s been covered a little bit in the blogosphere already (thanks to Adventures with Shyloh, who featured the story here) but I just thought I’d mention it again.

Short version: Emilie from A Blonde, A Brunette, and a Redhead is raising funds to purchase a very special Haflinger stallion and take him in training down to Wellington for the winter.

I had heard the story but today I learned about something of a personal connection: she’s hoping to be a working student with my trainer in Wellington. Small, small world!

Read the full story on their Go Fund Me website, and please consider donating. (Please note, the total there apparently does not represent the total amount raised so far; they are much closer than it looks.)

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