The Hoof Drama That Never Ends

[insert primal scream here]

Farrier did Tristan yesterday, and the barn manager called today to have a chat.

There is still an abscess hole in Tristan’s toe. It’s been nearly two years. That abscess hole should NOT be there.

Farrier suspects that there is now (or perhaps always was?) a keratoma at the coronet band, and it’s causing the abnormality down to the toe. Could’ve happened when the original abscess blew out, and grown back now that the scar tissue from that has gone. Could’ve caused the orginal abscess, coffin bone chip, whole ball of wax.

So, what next? I’ll call the farrier and talk to him directly. I’ll probably call my vet and do an x-ray when he gets his next trim.

If it really is a keratoma, we may be in for another invasive procedure and hoof resectioning. More time off. More rehab.

I just…really kind of numb right now.

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