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What’s on your walls?

I bet quite a few of us have some horsey art on our walls. Last night, I decide to go around and catalogue all the horse-related art or decorating I have. In the process, I discovered that the disposition of art on our walls is basically 50% horses, 20% old maps, 20% 1940s propaganda or tourism posters, and 10% seriously geeky stuff like, you know, a replica of the painting that Adama has in his office on the Galactica. We have an atypical, geeky sort of style.

So here’s the horse stuff, attributed when I can.

Brave little metal pony. He has suffered so much from both the cat and the puppy crashing into him on a regular basis. Arya particularly likes to get her Kong stuck underneath him, bash into him a few times in an attempt to get it out, and then sit down and whine until one of us comes and helps her. It’s a drag not having opposable thumbs.

The first piece of art I ever bought, at Everything Equine in probably 2006?

Fun story! The 1956 Olympics were actually in Melbourne, but the quarantine restrictions for animals were so difficult that the equestrian events were held in Stockholm. It’s the only time in history that it’s happened. Fiance’s family is Swedish and he found this as a gift for me.
A friend’s photograph of an old school horse named Thumper that I used to ride. Thumper was a Standardbred who was D-O-N-E with being a school horse. You had to pony kick him repeatedly to get him out of a walk. He was a long suffering soul.

A gift from my parents. This particular artist does a ton of these. I believe my brother has one of a soccer ball turning into a soccer player.

This is actually a paper cutting that my grandparents brought back from China – the black is the paper, the white is the background piece. It’s amazing up close.

My helmet from riding in France. Way not ASTM/SEI approved, therefore relegated to decoration.

I wish I could remember the artist. This is one of my favorite piece of art of all time – the horse’s head looks just a little bit like Tristan.


These are custom ink drawings by the amaaaaaazing Mackenzie Kincaid. She did the bottom jumper one as a brief throwaway sketch, and I begged her to complete the set for me. I love them. I asked the fiance to frame them for me for three Christmases in a row, and the matting is…not great. Sigh.
So: what’s on your walls?

8 thoughts on “What’s on your walls?

  1. The bottom jumper was a “throwaway sketch”?? I wish the stuff I drew was half as good as that “throwaway sketch”! This is such a great idea for a post though, I'll definitely take part when I get some photos of the (few) horsey things around my house. Also, I LOVE that “I ride…therefore, I'm not here” sign. So true!! 🙂


  2. Right?! She posted it on her Facebook saying she was just playing around and I fell in love immediately. Incredibly talented.

    My aunt bought me that sign years ago and I've marveled over and over how true it is!


  3. Oh, sweet! I have a few small antique-y things. The in-laws have a neat collection of old horseshoes that they've found in the field at their house, which used to be a farm. I always want to add more but it has to be the right thing.


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