training board

Nothing Doing

There is a great deal going on in my life, but very little of it is horse-related. (Unless you count the Morgan horse stuff I am doing for work – which is great, but it is not MY horse!)

I rode on Friday last, and don’t anticipate riding again before Wednesday next. Which is a huge bummer.

HOWEVER, the ride on Friday was inspiring and difficult. It showed me the whole wide vista of challenges we have ahead of us now that he has jumped up a level.

I’ve always thought of riding as being a series of plateaus. You climb, and you climb, and then you even out, and when you get frustrated from that evening out sometimes you fall back down for a bit. But when you climb back up you’re higher than you were before – and then you’re stuck in a flat area again.

Well, we are on a very steep climb right now after quite a long plateau! It will take some getting used to.

Whenever it is I see my horse next, that is. Putting him in training while I am working 24/7 was one of my best decisions of 2014.

July, here we come!

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