The Most Boring

I’m sorry! I’ve got nothin’. I have been doing interesting and exciting things, like some shopping at Everything Equine and a few rides on my horse in which I have once more been thrilled with the way the Pentosan is going. Tristan is now officially barefoot!

Today is Arya’s one week anniversary with us and she is so many wonderful things! She is also a capital-P-Puppy. When she’s not snoring on the couch she is bouncing off the walls. All of them. At warp speed. So between managing her, managing my job (yesterday’s “day off” was a 14 hour travel day…), and carving out time for my horse…I have zero mental energy left to blog right now. I keep writing posts in my head that somehow magically don’t appear on the internet. Get on that, Google!

Here, have a photo from this morning, how I found the boyfriend and the puppy after I got out of the shower. They were both sound asleep.

2 thoughts on “The Most Boring

  1. OMG I LOVE that photo! So sweet! And Tristan being able to go barefoot again is a pretty big deal all by itself after everything you two went through with his hoof. 😉 Congrats!


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