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The Quiet Still Point

I’ve had a busy, difficult week. Deadlines are crowding my brain at work. Evenings have been filled arranging details for something that might come to fruition next week – but has been stressful and worrying in the meantime.

Last night, I made it to the barn at 7pm through sheer force of will. I put one foot in front of the other, and I kept going. I told myself I’d just keep going and I’d go as far as I felt comfortable.

I got the grooming box. I pulled off his sheet (thanks, Vermont, I thought we were done with those?). I curried, and curried some more. I used the shedding blade. I chatted with the barn manager on the phone, who had called to update me on a few things.

45 minutes later, the muscle ache in my face and jaw from grinding my teeth had faded. My shoulders had loosened, despite grooming hard. I could breathe easily again.

I never did get to ride, but I didn’t need to. I just needed to escape.

The barn manager’s news was great – she gave Tristan his second dose of Pentosan on Monday, and used him in a 30 minute beginner walk/trot lesson on Tuesday. She couldn’t stop raving about how forward and fluid he’d looked. She said she’d never seen him like that.

I won’t be able to ride until Saturday night, but that was awesome news to get. It sounds like the Pentosan is helping. I’ll report back if that’s the case.

Sunday: drop off the trailer at the mechanic
Monday: saddle fitting

We’ll see what next week brings. Just keep swimming.

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