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Horse Finances

When I moved from Massachusetts to Vermont, I took a 25% hit in salary. I knew what I was doing, and I traded up in job, lifestyle, and overall happiness.

That still didn’t make looking at the cheerful Turbo Tax comparison of 2012 and 2013 any easier!
However: that hit means that for the first time ever, I am enjoying a decent tax return. Some of it is going into the black hole in my budget labeled “brother’s fall wedding.” ($500 and counting, and let’s just say that the bridal shower plans – in which I must participate but do not have much of a say – are making me feel faint.)
The rest? The rest is going toward the savings account that I have had for several years now. It is labeled “Someday Farm.” That savings account was gutted with Tristan’s surgery (it was one of three savings accounts that vanished in a puff of smoke in 3 months) but I have been slowly, slowly adding to it. Interest on other savings accounts. The odd extra money from the budget.Β 
It’s not much, but every bit counts. Tristan turned 19 on Friday, and my driving, overarching goal in life is to give him a farm to retire on. Somewhere he can have acres of grass and a turnout shed and nap on sunny knolls in the afternoon, and a barn I can visit in the middle of the night to kiss his nose.
I’m still far from that goal, but it’s not totally out of the question. By that time, the savings account will have been named Someday Farm for so long I might just get a real, actual sign for the road and call the place that after all.

11 thoughts on “Horse Finances

  1. Awww if you had a donate button I would totally donate a dollar towards your Someday Farm – only a dollar because I also have my own 'someday farm' savings account πŸ™‚


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