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Book Sale Find

Last night, I dropped a book I’d finished off at the library (Under Heaven by Guy Gavriel Kay, which I’d thought would be more about horses given they are the catalyst for the whole plot, but…nope)

I glanced over the book sale cart because I am helpless in the face of books. And I made a GREAT find, for $1:

It is in gorgeous condition, and matches my copy of The Black Stallion perfectly (except my copy is kind of in pieces).
At one point I had dared Hannah to do a re-read of all the Black Stallion books. Maybe starting that will be a way to pretend that it will be summer again someday?

9 thoughts on “Book Sale Find

  1. Oh, man, I wish I could remember where I petered out! They were just as good as I remembered, though. The races read just like live calls; it's really well done. The Black Stallion and Satan is still the very, very best. The book about Black Minx is second.


  2. IT SO IS. Agree 100%. The race in the forest fire…!

    I just did a quick search on and found a seller with most of the series listed for $0.75 each. That's really, really tempting.

    I still remember the hot potato trick with Black Minx.


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