adventures with the vet

Mamas don’t let your ponies get drunk on a Monday morning…

Spring shots and teeth day!

Tris went first, and I believe I have waxed rhapsodic about my love for my vet before but damn, guys. Not only is she an awesome vet and an awesome human being but she is SERIOUSLY badass.

What you can’t tell in these pictures: she is 8.75 months pregnant. Yep. Due in less than 2 weeks. She had another vet with her to help with difficult horses, and to help keep track of everything, but Tris is so good about things that he had his teeth done exactly as you see here: untied, with a mild sedative. He just stood and looked miserable.
Can I be done now?

He also got vaccines, all the ones I detailed here and we ended up going with strangles after all. It’s been around a bit in our area so the vet went with better safe than sorry.

Did I mention, by the by, that it was WELL below zero for this vet appointment? And that it was -6 this morning when I walked to work, which set a new record even for this frozen tundra we call Vermont? Worst. Spring. Ever.

In happier news, experiment the first is ON. Wedgewood is shipping me a bottle of Pentosan and it will arrive by the end of the week and I am excited. I will report back in detail.

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