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That’s a nooooooope

Still snowing hard, temperature dropping fast, and no barn for me today. This is what it looked like outside my office window last night; add another foot of snow and you’ve got this morning.

Good news: I have finally downgraded to a normal(ish) bandaid on my hand after either wrapping it or using the XXL size for a month.
Better news: the oddly shaped yet adorable My Little Pony bandaids I bought like 6 years ago are perfect for my purposes!

4 thoughts on “That’s a nooooooope

  1. It was 60 and sunny and absolutely beautiful on Tuesday and then it snowed and dropped nearly 40 degrees on Wednesday. Seriously done with winter!

    I wear my little pony and other kid's themed bandaids on occasion as well. It's fun and if anyone asks I just say I have kids. 🙂


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