Recommend an equine nutrition source to me

I have to finally face facts and realize that in 2014, Tristan turns 19. He’s no longer a young horse. He’s not quite a senior (in my eyes, anyway), and he’s always been a healthy easy keeper. But that bit of scare with weight gain in late fall/early winter has made me think harder about his nutritional needs.

I’d like to learn more. I’m scouring the internet, but I think it’s time for a purposeful study.

What resources do you use to learn about nutrition? Do you have a book, a website, an online class that you’ve found especially useful?

I’m most interested in balancing nutritional needs for the working sporthorse, but I’d like to learn a bit of everything.

Any suggestions appreciated!

14 thoughts on “Recommend an equine nutrition source to me

  1. Go enroll in the U of Edinburgh's Equine Nutrition course via coursera It's basic stuff, but it will get you started and the class just started this week.

    Book wise I like Juliet Getty's Feed Your Horse Like a Horse. It covers just about everything and isn't hard to understand, unlike the Frape nutrition book which reads like a text book (as that's what it is.) Getty also has webinars and other educational stuff (that I haven't done.) Her website is


  2. I have used FeedXL. You do have to pay for it. I think I did a month and then cancelled because I had all the info I needed. You're able to plug in what you currently feed and they literally have everything including supplements, forage, etc. You're able to see any gaps in your horse's nutrition and alter their diet accordingly.


  3. I've heard great things about Dr. Kellon's equine nutrition course. She's big on balancing the horse's diet. I haven't taken the course but it's on my bucket list. ๐Ÿ™‚ Her website is She's one of the few vets that has done extensive research on the effectiveness of equine supplements; I have (and love) her book on the subject: She has great information on general equine diets for performance horses, growing horses, and metabolically challenged horses as well.


  4. Aaaaah, thank you, that course is nearly exactly what I was looking for!

    I almost think after a course I'll want to tackle a textbook, something really in depth. I'll take a look at Juliet Getty as well. Thanks!


  5. I've heard it talked about on the COTH forums. I've toyed with the idea of doing a month's worth – do you feel that was enough to get the answers you wanted?


  6. Thank you! I've just signed up. I've tried doing other Coursera classes but never stuck with one. (A human nutrition one in particular annoyed me…) I think this one might have the topic that will keep me in.


  7. Oh, thanks – looks like she has some really good stuff. The courses themselves look pricey but I think they would be a good next step after I read through what I've already found.


  8. Pretty much. I really just wanted to see what my horse could possibly be lacking and what he may have been getting too much of. The only thing I could not accurately assess was the weight of his hay, which may have made my nutrients a little out of whack. I did find it worth it for what I was looking for.


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