Polar Vortex, Take 2

You guys, I am officially sick of winter. Our heating and hot water bills are off the charts. My skin is so dry I get a cut or abrasion every time I bump against something. I am eating bread three meals a day with snacks in between and still my body craves more. Whenever I find a sunny spot I sit in it for as long as I can, cat-like. I want to ride my horse, but it’s too cold, so I worry about him instead. Is he staying warm enough? Is he coping ok with his frequently frozen solid water bucket? When will we be able to hack out without worrying about the ice? Will there ever be green and growing things in the world again?!

Ok. Time to bundle up and walk to work…

12 thoughts on “Polar Vortex, Take 2

  1. It has been SO COLD. And we haven't gotten nearly the snow we usually get. I can't remember a colder, less snowy winter in all the years I've been in Vermont.


  2. It's not that I don't believe you, I just think the universe is cruel and giving us a brief snatch of hope before crushing it again with sub-zero temperatures and a week without riding…


  3. I am doing my level best to eat as many calories to burn as possible…! Especially since today it will not go above zero. At all. Not for a single minute all day. Waaaaaaah.


  4. Yeah. I'm ready for the 20s-30s heat wave this weekend! Haha. I have rides planned for both Saturday and Sunday as a result.

    I'm beginning to forget what warm feels like. Le sigh.


  5. I'm so done with it. When we moved to our area, we were pleased with the fact that winter averages were generally supposed 30's-40's during the day, 20's at night. I was told to not buy a heavyweight blanket, as I would not need it. Now I'm sorry I didn't! This is awful, awful, awful.

    When I was little living in the tropics and hating the never ending heat, I used to joke about moving to Alaska. I take it baaack!!!! Mercy!


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