Blanket Repair

I mentioned just before Christmas that Tristan had shredded a corner of his one and only turnout blanket. It’s a midweight that he wears when it’s below zero – which happens more often than it should up here. He borrowed a barn blanket for a week while it was repaired.

I was looking through photos last night and found that I had taken some good pictures of the repair but never shared them! This was a local sewing shop; when I took the blanket in the owner immediately knew what she was looking at – apparently her in-laws have horses!

Here’s what it looked like post-rip, pre-repair:

And here’s the repair:

They did a really, really nice job. It was a fairly complicated fix in a number of different ways. Total cost: $47, far less than a new turnout would’ve been!

6 thoughts on “Blanket Repair

  1. $47 is a great price and it looks great, much better than the repair I did myself on Loki's liner. I may or may not have used dental floss. Oh well it gets the job done and maybe over the summer I can get it in better repair if it is even still serviceable.


  2. Ha, most things I am happy to do myself – and I actually love the idea of using dental floss – but this one was a bridge too far. It was even too much for the barn owner's regular sewing machine, and that's why it went out to the repair shop. $47 was a bargain for what they did!


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