horse cookies


Happy More Joy Day!

Have you shared some joy today? Even something small? Small things send ripples. Every little bit counts.

If you’ve done something for More Joy Day, come back and comment on this post, and I’ll share your joy even further.

Finally: I’ve been experimenting with horse cookies over the last few weeks. (Read more about the various recipes under the horse cookies tag.)

On this, More Joy Day, I’d like to offer 10 bags of assorted flavors of my cookies to randomly selected commenters on this post. If you’re commenting to let me know what you’ve done to spread joy, that’s great! You’re entered. If you’re just commenting to get some horse cookies, that’s cool too!

I’ll include some human treats in the bags, too. The more joy the merrier!

Here’s what other people have been doing today:

6 thoughts on “MORE JOY DAY!

  1. I celebrated Joy Day by helping the barn manager haul water buckets over from the well since the pipes burst in the house and the water had to get shut off on the entire property. I can't say it was a lot of fun, but I hope it brought some joy to BM!


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