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Is your horse using his back?

With Tristan’s slow climb back to fitness, I’ve been working hardest on making sure he’s using his back effectively. I don’t have a great natural feel for how a horse is moving underneath me – in fact, I have zero natural feel. Everything I have has been drilled into me by many frustrated trainers.

So I’m always looking for ways to learn more. A friend on Facebook linked to this article, which does a good job of describing what I’m looking for but the real gold is in a video the article linked to. It’s really outstanding. It’s given me things to think about and a much more clear visual reference for what to look for. (I probably could’ve picked these things out before but I don’t think I could have really listed off why I thought a particular horse was better through its back.)

Here it is embedded for reference.

8 thoughts on “Is your horse using his back?

  1. This was the first time I'd seen it, it's really wonderful! I'm not usually one to learn by video like that, but it was clear, striking, and explicit, all points in its favor.


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