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More Longeing & Topline Photos

Longed again today. He’s starting to really stretch out nicely and get the hang of it. I punched about 5 more holes in the chambon…and it’s still too long. Whoops. Punched three more after the session and hopefully next time it will actually kick in.

We did: 3 minutes walk both directions; 3 minutes trot both directions; 3 minutes trot both directions over cavaletti (set up in alternating half-heights, about 6″ up, 4 poles in a row), then put the chambon on and did 4 minutes in each direction: 1 minute walk, 2 minutes trot, 1 minute canter.

He was definitely getting a little tired by the last session but still did nicely. A little warm, but thankfully not sweaty – but then again it had just hit 20 as our high of the day when I got to the barn, so there wasn’t much heat transference going on.

My sad moment for the day was when I took a step back while longeing and felt a crunch on my boot…and realized my camera had fallen out of my pocket and in the whole entire indoor, I put my foot on top of it at that moment. I loved that camera. I took it by the computer repair place on the way home and got a repair estimate…that was 2X what a new, nicer camera would cost. Ugh.

Before longeing, though, I finally got topline photos, so here’s my baseline for comparison.

You can see the white spot from the saddle rub here. 😦

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