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Hacking Out

With the time change, I’m taking advantage of all the light I can on my days off to get out and about. Today we went the furthest up the hill we’ve been yet: past the end of the road, up into the fields on top of the mountain. We had a lovely long trot and a bit of a canter, and met the farmer who owns the land, who said he loved having people ride up there and he’d mowed around the edges of his corn field for just that reason. Sweet! We’ll head back up and properly across the fields next time.

We also had a bit of a trot back toward the barn which turned into a canter in place which turned back into a walk. Once we get definitively out of the way of the barn he gets less crabby and barnsour, but when we head back toward home all bets are off.

His fitness is slowly improving: he’s moving more easily up and down the hills and holding his long trots better. We’ll keep this up whenever we have light.

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