We interrupt this blog’s regularly scheduled posting to say WHOOOOOOO.

I have found my trailer registration!

*flop of relief*

Backstory: when I moved to Vermont, I parked my trailer and figured, I’ll re-register it in the spring. And lo, it was promptly snowed in, and I have a rear wheel drive truck that does not go anywhere in the winter.

And then in the spring Tristan’s surgery happened and nothing else entered my brain for many months.

And then in the late summer I thought, hm, I’ll get that trailer registered and we can start to think about hauling out for all sorts of fun things.

The trailer in question, getting some tune up
work soon after I bought it.

But there was one problem: my trailer registration had completely vanished. It was not in any of the logical places. It was not in any of the borderline illogical places. Gone in thin air.

I don’t know if you’ve gotten this sense, but: I am of the neurotically organized stripe. Those tendencies triple when related at all to Tristan. So I was simultaneously deeply confused and freaking out. I could put my hands on every single repair bill I’d ever had, every receipt for every US Rider subscription, you name it – I had documentation. Except for the registration. And I was dreading the process of ordering a copy of the registration, and then it was clear we weren’t going anywhere this fall, so I held off and decided not to worry about it yet.

But tonight, I settled in to do some organizing in my study, filing some things that had piled up a bit and doing at least some cursory reading of professional journals, and I pulled out the folder behind my trailer’s folder in my filing cabinet. And lo and behold, there was the trailer registration! It had been stuck in there accidentally. I was so good about filing it away when I took the trailer off the road – maybe a little too good.


Tomorrow: to the DMV, and then next week please God let the snow hold off just long enough for me to get it inspected. And while I’m wishing for things, after a $1k month of car repairs, I’d really appreciate a minimum of trailer expenses, so nothing major wrong, ok? Ok.

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