Still Swimming

As I predicted, Tris was 100% sound on Friday, both to my eyes and to a few more experienced people. I saddled up and we did about 20 minutes of forward and supple work, ending with some nice moments in the canter. Nothing like the sustained work we get during lessons, but I felt good about the way I planned out and then executed the work.

I did have some back-and-forth with the vet, and she’ll do a Legend shot next time she’s at the barn. We’ll see what impact that makes, if any. (I hope for some, at least.)

Sunday, Tris met my brother & his fiancee’s dog, a very large German Shepherd who doesn’t always have the best social skills. Thankfully, Tris is wonderful with dogs, and grazed happily and calmly while the dog’s brain caved in and he crawled forward on his belly several times to say hi and sniff Tristan’s face or leg. Tris didn’t budge or react one bit to the crawling and the sniffing, but the dog escalated a bit to trying to play bitey-face and Tris yanked his face out of the way for that, though didn’t retaliate one bit. He’s the best. We followed that up with a longer bareback hack.

Monday, I had an early staff meeting on my day off, followed by several hours of work at the barn doing stalls, fixing fence, and bringing horses in and out. The main field we fixed held mom & baby and if there’s anything more uplifting or adorable than having a 5 month old filly cavorting around you and nosing your pockets and picking up your tools and buckets, I don’t know what it is. (She is very clever and very brave, though also very appropriate and learned what she wasn’t allowed to do very quickly.)

Unfortunately, I was so tired and had so much else to do after that that I went straight home without riding to get my afternoon chores accomplished – and was still so late in getting dinner ready that we didn’t eat until 8pm. Domestic fail.

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