I could stomp and fuss and wail about the state of Tristan’s hind feet (definitely white line disease) or the fact that I got back from a few days away on Tuesday night to find his last remaining non-problematic leg swollen up to the knee, but I will save those stories in favor of some comforting pictures of my Wednesday morning work trip up over the mountains. I live in the very best state.

Oh, here, have a picture of the doofus pony wrapped up after two hours of cold hosing and walking and rubbing liniment:

4 thoughts on “HORSES

  1. what a great sculpture! I thought it was doofus making a break for freedom until I stared at it for a while. Hope he feels better soon – it sounds like you are fed up with thwartation.


  2. It's huge, too – I am tall and I would probably only come up to its shoulder. There was a box labeled artist info but it was empty. Maybe someday I can stop at the farm stand it was part of and ask more, but I was zipping by on my way back to the office and only had time for a quick photo.

    I would like to be done with the excitement for a while, yes. Just steady progression, something boring, that's all I'm asking for.


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