Bromont Stadium

Rails, rails, everywhere, and more Han a few riders who wanted a drink.

I don’t think I have ever seen such a decisive series of show jumping rounds. Lots of very tired horses, dropping rails every which way. There were only a handful of clear rounds across all the divisions, and several major changes in standings.
A few rounds stood out in particular for me. Selena O’Hanlon did an absolutely beautiful job with her CCI3* horses, looking cool and elegant over fences that had rattled nearly everyone. I loved Jon Holling’s horse Zapotec B’s extravagant jumping style – I’ve been eyeing that horse all weekend, in fact. Gorgeous.
Will Coleman’s singleminded focus was really something to see. He was the last rider off the course walk, leaving practically as the first rider entered the ring, and his ride on Obos O’Reilly was a portrait of intensity.
One beautiful grey in the CCI2* pulled up just a few fences from home after tripping a bit in front of the jump and them coming up practically three legged a stride or two after landing. It was worrying to see. Eventing Nation is speculating it was a twisted shoe. I hope so, because it’s scary to see a horse go so off, so quickly.
Tonight I’ll work through my pictures from the trip and do a bit of a picspam over the next few days.

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