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Track My Hack

I downloaded the Woof Wear “Track My Hack” app several months ago in hopes of using it once I started rehabbing. Tonight I used it for the first time! Here’s our initial walk work; after I turned the app off we went into the indoor for 5 minutes of trot work. This whole ride was bareback.

Do you have any apps you use for tracking trail rides?

4 thoughts on “Track My Hack

  1. Ooh, thanks for the rec. I'll check it out. My boyfriend has one for skiing that sounds really tricked out – I wish they'd do one like it for riding. He can compile all sorts of statistics.

    We have miles and miles and miles of dirt road to explore while we're rehabbing, so I hope to document at least some of it!


  2. Eventing Nation featured it…oh, months and months ago. I want to say around January or February. At the time it was still wistful thinking for me to be planning on hacking but I liked having it on my phone as a reminder – and it's neat to finally get to use it.


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