abscess · adventures with the vet


I realized recently that I have good progressive photos of Tristan’s feet throughout this whole debacle. Things at least are continuing well – no sign of re-infection, he’s comfortable and happy, and the foot is clearly growing out just fine, with no weakness or scarring in the new hoof from the coronet band. It still looks awful, but it’s more cosmetic than anything else.

He’ll get a vet check before we move to Vermont, and I’m on the fence about getting more rads done at that time. We’ll see. The good news is there are excellent farriers at the barn in Vermont, so we’ll continue to get great care going forward.

Without further ado, here are the pictures.

8/16/12: Abscess bursts. Note the crack at the toe.
9/13/12: Second abscess holes below the first, which was dug out. Crack still at the toe.
10/18/12: Growing down quite nicely – new growth from the coronet band, toe crack almost gone.

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