physical fitness (human)

200 Situps

I’ve felt for some time now that my own physical preparations for riding were lacking. My schedule was so crunched, however, that there was no time I could scrape out regularly to exercise more. I would go to the gym with my boyfriend, using his pass, when our schedules lined up, but other than that, not much on top of riding.

While away on our road trip, my sedentary lifestyle and road food meant I gained a few pounds. I don’t really have body image issues, but I noticed that with that extra weight came a bit of a tipping point of lethargy. I’ve been losing energy for some time now but this was my signal that something needed to change.

I’ve instituted two small things that will help turn around, and in the coming months might visit the idea of getting my own gym membership and making sure I carve out time to use it.

The first is that I’ve downloaded the 200 Situps app for my iPod Touch. I followed the program for a few weeks a few years ago, and liked it. So far, I’ve found the app is a good way to keep track of where I am with the program. It was only $1.99, and it should help my core strength. I’d love to add the squats program too, but I doubt my knees would take it.

The second is that I’ve redoubled my efforts to eat better. I’ve always been vegetable-averse but I’ve let that slide the last few months into generally unhealthy eating. In the past, I’ve successfully and happily made healthier lunch choices. Time to go back to that. Lunch today was melon, cottage cheese, some whole wheat crackers, and water. I’ve packed some protein granola bars for snacking to stave off the temptation to grab fast food on the drive to the barn.

It’s late in the season to be pushing hard on this, but if I can get myself back into better habits and carry them through the winter, next summer will be much better.

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