How do you read blogs?

Exactly as the title says: how do you read your horse, cooking, professional, and other blogs?

Do you keep a series of bookmarks and check on them?

Do you use the Google follower/listing service?

Do you use an RSS feeder?

Do you use some combination of the above?

I ask, because at the time of Google Reader’s sad, tragic, unforgivable demise, I had been using it religiously for many, many years. I exported all my RSS feeds to The Old Reader, as it promised the most similar service. I really just want to read: I don’t need bells and whistles.

Well, The Old Reader is now moving to a subscription-based model. Anyone with over 100 feeds will have to pay a small fee. I have 219 feeds and growing – in fact, I have about a dozen on a waiting list right now, since I can’t add any more until I pay up. (And even my existing feeds will be inaccessible soon.)

The small fee is worth it to me, but, it’s just enough to make me think about exploring other options. So I’d like to do that, however briefly.

Anyone have any ideas, suggestions, or words of sympathy about my grieving process for Google Reader, which I still miss nearly every day?

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New blog design?

I’ve been toying for a little while with redesigning the blog. Right now, I like the physical layout for its functionality, but the “look” of it is an out-of-the-box Blogger template.

I’ve messed around with Photoshop a bit, but it’s been years since I’ve really had the chops to do much in that department – and to be honest, I never had the eye.

I’ve also got a name change in mind to make it reflect more clearly what I’m trying to do, and I’d like to do a bit of graphic design with a not-quite logo that – well, it will become more clear as I implement all this.

Has anyone done a blog redesign? Do you have any advice? I have a very little bit of money (around $50) from my tax return that I can spend for a bit of custom design but I realize that doesn’t get me very far…any advice on that end?


Welcome to the world, little blog!

I’ve finally taken the plunge to set up a separate blog devoted entirely to my horse-related pursuits.

Over the next few weeks, I will be consolidating my writing and journaling into this blog, and backdating them, so the archive will begin to grow.

Going forward, I plan to write about all of the horse activities that I engage in, which is quite a few.

I own and ride a 17 year old mustang gelding named Tristan that I adopted from a rescue in 2006. We are continually learning about each other, and training in the sport of three-day eventing.

I groom for friends who are also active competitors, and volunteer for horse shows on a regular basis.

I serve on the Area 1 Scholarship Committee, working to provide educational opportunities to eventers in New England and New York.

In the past, I have been a Pony Club Joint-DC, competed for Middlebury College’s IHSA team, and taken riding lessons in France.

I also read and watch anything and everything related to horses.

That should about sum it up. Watch this space.