Not feeling terribly hopeful…

I’ve seen from a few people that the governor of California has proposed a really bizarre and random list of outdoor exercise activities that people can now participate in.


I have so many questions? Like, what is “athletics”? And why clarify “singles” under horse riding? All of you doubles riders, you are SOL still! And some of these are still high-exposure. Tossing a baseball back and forth is like passing an infectious vector hot potato, and golfing requires a whole support system of peons to make it work, it’s not like it’s just you and your stupid golf clubs against the world, wandering alone on good pasture gone to waste. (Fuck golf, though, and I don’t care who this offends: it’s not a sport, it’s a shitty pastime AT BEST.)

ANYWAY, I don’t live in California, so I don’t have to devote too much brain power to actually figuring these things out.

Meanwhile, in Vermont:


Whomp whomp…considering the governor has already released the “Phased Restart Work Safe Guidance” for the next two weeks and riding isn’t on it, looks like we’re probably going to be into late May at the very best and quite possibly even June before riding is allowed.

Honestly, I could work from home for quite a while longer if I could just go to the barn again. (And the gym, holy shit, this whole “dessert after every meal, yes, breakfast too” is emotionally satisfying but not doing great things for my fitness.)

4 thoughts on “Not feeling terribly hopeful…

  1. I guess I wouldn’t classify meditation as an outdoor exercise activity? And who gardens in groups? LOL. Also agree x100000 on golf, such a waste of good riding space.

    But I’m sorry riding continues to be restricted in your state 😦


  2. Massachusetts has not restricted trail riding if done at a distance. Larger show barns remain closed making it difficult for owners to take advantage of the option to trail ride. Many smaller barns are open with restrictions to limit risk. I am lucky enough to fall into this latter category.

    Some of the places to trail ride are closed, for example Army Corps of Engineer properties but most state parks/forests remain open.

    Yesterday the governor announced masks are mandatory in public places where it is not possible to social distance. Fines up to $300. Massachusetts is much worse off than Vermont with infections and death remaining constant.

    Stay strong. This will pass.


  3. I just want to report that I fully support eating desert after breakfast. I’m getting close to doing that myself…Before all this began I had almost entirely given up on processed sugar, I was no longer eating ice cream every night after dinner. I was killing it. Now, not so much.. I’m eating a lot of ice cream now including as dessert after lunch.Sigh. At least I know I CAN do it if I want to..


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