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House Post: Kitchen Sink Soap Dispenser

Quick but very satisfying project. Since we moved in, there’s been this weird fixture on the kitchen sink that I didn’t entirely understand. Close examination told me it wasn’t attached to anything and was just sitting there, so I pulled it out and swapped it for something actually useful: a soap dispenser.

It took maybe 15 minutes and $20 and is a substantial improvement, so I’m pretty happy.


Best guess for what the heck it was goes to my sister-in-law, who thought maybe it was an attachment for an old standalone dishwasher.


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3 thoughts on “House Post: Kitchen Sink Soap Dispenser

  1. I’m laughing (to myself). We have one of those too. I knew it was for a future soap dispenser. When we moved in and had soooo many projects on our totally 80s fixer hubby didn’t want to spend the money for a fancy soap dispenser. I assumed to get one it would be like $200 and so I never thought about it much (just one more luxury we don’t need to spend money on). Now that I know the truth. . . guess who’s going to be getting a soap dispenser. Question: are you using it for dishsoap or handsoap?


    1. I’m using it for dish soap; I use more of that, more frequently at this particular sink than hand soap. It could easily go either way, though. It really was so quick and easy. I’m sure you could find soap dispensers that are $200 – you can find almost anything at almost any price! – but really they average between $20-$30.


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