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WW: Fall is Here

Low 30s overnight, mountains on fire with color, frisky shaggy ponies, blowing off ring work in favor of hacking around the hay field? Yup. Definitely fall.

(actually that last is something I do year-round unless the snow is too deep, because I have zero discipline when it comes to that hay field)


Some of us are happier about this than others.

9 thoughts on “WW: Fall is Here

  1. First hard frost here this morning. My pups are over the moon happy, of course. Because Pyrs.

    That look on Arya's face though. You either have the most patient pup in the world, or she is plotting your imminent demise if you do not use those opposable thumbs to turn on the furnace!


  2. I actually did turn the furnace on shortly after taking that photo, because it was 57 in the house. She was shivering, hence why I made her into a puppy burrito. She does not tolerate the cold well at all – short haired, no undercoat, not an ounce of fat. I'm going to make some fleece jackets for her soon.


  3. The season is absolutely perfect here in Maryland so far – 60s-70s during the day and low 50s over night. Bright sunny clear says and lots of color in the trees. I love it!!!


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