Happy Anniversary!

Sad but true story, you guys.

The first thing you need to know is that I am really bad with dates, which is ironic for someone who makes a living in history. Epically bad. I can barely remember my own birthday.

So my fifth anniversary with my boyfriend was coming up, and I sort of knew it was in the beginning of January somewhere? I was pretty sure it was in the first week, anyway.

Then I thought aha! It’s on the second!

Then he said “So, on the fifth, what do you want to do?”


January 2 is my anniversary with Tristan…not with the boyfriend.

So, happy anniversary, Tristan my love! To be fair – 2014 makes eight years, which is far longer than any boy has ever lasted.

Ridiculous photo from a few minutes after he arrived late at
night – already stuffing his face with hay.

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